AioJar Program (All In One Jar or Fat jar)

The AioJar program gives you the ability to create what some call a FAT jar file. I call it 'All In One Jar'

You can put all of your native and resource type files into a single jar file.

This makes distributing your program much easier and less error prone due to wrong jar and native file versions.

You can create projects that can be reloaded at any time.

When executing the AioJar file it will extract the native and resrouce files to a temporary directory so that the program can find them. Once the program ends it will remove the temporary directory.

Self-Contained Application

Starting with version 1.2.0, I have added the ability to use a custom launcher program and to include a small Java JVM. This allows you to package your application with a JVM and not rely on the currently installed version of the JVM. You can rename the launcher program and create an desktop icon for it.

A commnd line version has been added so that you can build the All In One Jar or Fat Jar without using the GUI verison.

This program requires Java 1.8 to be installed.

Written by Kelly Wiles (rkwiles at

Release notes.

Unzip and execute setup
Mar 7, 2016
Unzip and execute setup
Nov 4, 2015