Changes to PgTiger

1.1.4 05/28/2016

  • Can now export to SQL by table.
  • Sorted by table names in various tables.
  • Added more system level short cut keys.
  • Added a find table menu entry. This scrolls the project to the table selected.

1.1.3 05/23/2016

  • Working on reverse engineering.
  • Working on constraints.
  • Working on triggers.
  • Workgin on indexes.
  • Working on procedures.
  • Added scrollbars to project tabs.
  • Changed name of Export button to SQL.
  • Sorted the tables by name in the SQL output.
  • When a table is selected it is automatically move to the top of the drawing stack.
  • Snap to Grid now works.

1.1.2 05/20/2016

  • Added the file I left out of the install.
  • Create a version that has a private version of Java.

1.1.1 05/19/2016

  • Fixing when menu and toolbar items are enabled or not.
  • Was not outputing the indexes when exporting to SQL.

1.1.0 05/17/2016

  • Can now select a backup in the backup manager and create a project from it.
  • Create project was not working right.
  • Now displaying indexes in the main project screen.
  • Export to SQl has been enhanced.
  • Re-did the ini file layout. This change does not support 1.0.0 versions.
  • This version is NOT compatible with earlier version.

1.0.0 05/15/2016

  • Initial release.

May 27, 2016 9:51