Changes to EQ Inventory

2.4 12/16/2012

  • Adjusted screens to handle larger default desktop screen sizes.

2.4 12/15/2012

  • Added the Rain of Fear updates, as more items are discovered I will update again.
  • Added popup messages for items not found in database.
  • Fixed broken show spell window.
  • You must reload item database, use Database menu
  • You must reload spell database, use Database menu

2.3 11/08/2012

  • Added 2 new columns to aug and item stats screens, mana regen and end regen.

2.2 09/05/2012

  • Added save to PDF for aug and item list.
  • Updated spell database
  • Fixed bugs

2.1 08/07/2012

  • Added empty aug slots to aug view.

2.0 08/07/2012

  • Added large item DB from Lucy.
  • Added more detailed stats view window.
  • Added popup menu to all items to view stats or Lucy and Allakazam web sites.
  • Replace all ~ in names to '.
  • Character and guild selection windows uses full selection now.
  • Added a view of all augmentations equipped.
  • Added a view of all wore items equipped.

1.6 06/27/2012

  • It appeared as if you were adding a duplicate character or guild if you click add when it already existed.
    A popup dialog tells you that you are trying to add a duplicate character or guild now.
  • Searching a guild was case sensitive and it should not be.
  • When searching all tabs the table was not being cleared out at the start of a search.
  • Corrected some documentation errors.

1.5 05/19/2012

  • Fixed install bug.

1.4 05/18/2012

  • Can now update tables without having to delete them first.
  • Added option to recreate tables when loading them.

1.3 05/04/2012

  • Added Search all open tabs menu item.
  • Added option to select lucy or Allakhazam
  • When program goes to lucy web site it grabs the Allakhazam ID number also.
  • Removed print buttons for now.

1.2 04/28/2012

  • Fixed Server list box on Add a Guild dialog.

1.1 04/20/2012

  • Fixed close button on ItemShow screen.
  • Character Tree did not show item count column.
  • Shared bank Tree did not show item count column.
  • Made the general Tree shorter, which increased Guild bank size larger.
  • Server list not showing up in character screen.
  • Allow case insensitive searching.

1.0 04/19/2012

  • Initial release.

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