Changes to Jar IDE program

1.2.1 07/04/2016 JarIde

  • Added help to the About menu.

1.2.0 04/11/2016 JarcIde

  • Added compression options.

1.1.0 03/21/2016 JarcIde

  • Broke it, messed up path to MingW, really need to stop coding at 3am.
  • Added MingW path so that each project could use a different Mingw if you like.

1.0.2 03/01/2016 JarcIde

  • If file to copy did not exist, it would crash.
  • Sometimes closing the Console window would cause an error of 'widget is disposed'.
  • No longer use the Preferences class to store information.
  • Was not saving the compress flag to the project file.
  • Can now see makefile before building project.
  • If you use the X button to close console you could not reopen it.
  • Darkened the green color in the makefile text.
  • If you are in the makefile screen and click Build button it would not take you to the build screen.
  • Removed Arrow button from create project and manage project screens, it was not needed.
  • Was not adding the exe name or the date it was created to the project selection window.

1.0.1 12/01/2015 JarcIde

  • Memory leak in copyFile method.

1.0.0 10/16/2015 JarcIde

  • Decided to create a standalone program of this Eclipse plugin. No longer requires Eclipse, but does require Java 8 or better.
  • They stopped working on the Gnu GJC compiler in 2009, so you MAY run into issues if you try and compile a Java 6, 7 or 8 jarfile.
  • First release

Changes to Jar Compiler plugin

1.4.0 03/07/2010 Jarc

  • GCC 4.4.0 was not working out, it very unstable imo, reverted to 4.3.0
  • Download size increased by 50% :(

1.3.1 02/12/2010

  • Made cometic changes.
  • Made plugin more Windows 7 aware.
  • Upgraded GCJ to 4.4.0
  • Upgraded UPX to 3.0.4w
  • Reduced install zip file size by at lest 50%.

1.2.3 09/26/2009

  • Now a UNIX version is available.

1.2.2 08/09/2009

  • Class button was not finding main methods in jars.
  • Removed/changed deprecated methods for Eclipse 3.5
  • Enhanced the help screen.

1.2.1 03/01/2009

  • The res.rc file was not being created correctly, directories need to use the forward slash.

1.2.0 02/28/2009

  • Add code to be able to cancel the compile at some points.
  • Added the ablility to link resources into executable.
  • Build path defaults to $(InstallDir)\build
  • Executable defaults to jarc.exe
  • Added button to select Main class from the list of jar files. (Thanks for the code Lorinc)
  • Made changes to the code suggested by Lorinc. (Thanks)

1.1.10 02/03/2009

  • Install bug, preference path was not being set correctly if not installed into default directory.

1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.1.9 01/24/2009

  • Save As was not working.
  • Added more to the output filter for errors when compiling.

1.1.6 01/23/2009

  • Syntax highlighting was not handling quoted string correctly.
  • Linked paths was not being placed into the makefile.

1.1.5 01/22/2009

  • Was crashing if DLL list was empty.

1.1.4 12/30/2008

  • Grey out buttons in lists when they do not have focus.

1.1.3 12/19/2008

  • Moving a jar file up or down corrupted the other jar file paths.
  • Removing a jar file was not removing it from the jar file cache list.
  • Added a Stop Cache menu option.

1.1.2 11/24/2008

  • Enhanced the help file.
  • Jar file move buttons were staying active when on the path table.

1.1.1 11/14/2008

  • Add word wrap option to the popup menu in the view makefile screen.
  • Add syntax highlighting to makefile view screen.

1.1.0 11/09/2008

  • Add new tab which shows the Makefile used to compile your jar files.

1.0.5 10/23/2008

  • Add a compress menu option.
  • Can not rearrange the jar files in the list of jar files.

1.0.4 10/14/2008

  • Install 1.0.3 was installing the .zip file instead of the .jar file, so not installing correctly.

1.0.3 10/08/2008

  • Added a menu option to cache a jar file, so that Jar Compiler does not have to recompile it each time.
  • Updated help to show the new cache menu option.

1.0.2 09/28/2008

  • jar Complier menu was being shown even if file was not of type .jarc

1.0.1 09/22/2008

  • Missing help screens.

1.0.0 09/17/2006

  • First release.

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