VaultLocker (Password storage and generator)

The VaultLocker program is a storage for all of you online logins and passwords. The database stores the information in a 168-bit encrpyted database.

VaultLocker is unique in that it uses both a random set and the user to generate the password.

The screen to the left is divided into two halfs, that left half has all of you created accounts and the right half is a unique set of randomly generated letters and numbers.

When you first create a new account a new randomly generated right half is generated. You can then randomly pick letters in the right half or hold down the mouse button and sketch a pattern to generate your password.

This program requires Java 1.8 to be installed.

Written by Kelly Wiles (rkwiles at

Release notes.

To be used with Java 32 bit system.
Jul 17, 2015
To be used with Java 64 bit system.
Jul 17, 2015