NPD Program (Network Protocol Designer)

The Network Protocol Designer (NPD) is a program that allows you to design a protocol. The protocol is used to communicate between a client and server program.

Each command in the protocol contains multiple fields which contain data being passed to the server program. The program currently only creates messages that send data to a server and gets back a simple pass or fail response from the server. I am planning to enhance the program to allow more complex mesage to be sent back the client.


The program generates all of the source code needed for each command and test code to test your protocol.

The program will compile the code and place it into a jar library file.

The compiling requires that a Java JDK be installed.

I was planning on also generating C source code but I am waiting to see if people are wanting it or do people want a diferent language.

This program requires Java 1.8 to be installed.

Written by Kelly Wiles (rkwiles at

For questions or comments email me at the above address.

Release notes.

Unzip and execute setup
Jan 22, 2016
Unzip and execute setup
Jan 10, 2016
Unzip and execute setup
Dec 13, 2015