Changes to NPD

1.0.2 01/22/2016

  • Added an interface to the cmd classes called CmdInterface
  • The field rename command was not working.
  • Added source and target version flags to the javac options
  • Null pointer if field has no description.
  • Added a NpdInfo class
  • Added getString() to NpdValue
  • Simplified getting fields from CmdClass, do not have to use NpdValue anymore.

1.0.1 01/10/2016

  • Added support ofr UUID fields
  • A new project would try and create/compile C files.
    • If you have a existing project, edit the project.ini file and set cLibrary and cSource to false, to correct the above issue.

1.0.0 12/13/2015

  • Initial release.

January 22, 2016 14:47