Tabby Install Screen Shots

Configuration screen for tabby Editor Tabby configuration screen used to control how Tabby defines how the panels are displayed and in what order.

Tabby Install provides the framework and the developer only needs to create panels or compose the panels look, feel and actions.

Developer Configure Screen

Developers screen for Tabby Editor The 'Developer Configuration' screen allows the developer to define his own configuration as quickly as possible. Any section can be added using the 'Developer Configuration' screen and any key / value pair that the developer needs for the install process are also supported.

Icon Screen

Icon creatation screen for Tabby Editor The 'Icon Screen' used to define desktop icons to be created at installation time. You can define icons to be installed per package, if you have multiple packages to install.

Registry Screen

Windows Registry configuration screen for Tabby Editor The 'Registry Screen' can define registry entries for each package defined in the installation.

Compiler Screen

Compile configuration screen for compiling Tabby installer The 'Compiler Screen' is used to define what jar files are to be compiled into Tabby install program.

Even if you have jar files containing DLL files you can include them using this screen.

Panel Creation

Creating panels with a Window Builder Pro The 'Panel Creation' screen is a shot of the development panel using 'WindowBuilder Pro' from Instantiations, but can use any Java GUI builder to developer the panel(s).

Each panel is a composite widget in the Tabby Install framework enabling each panel to be displayed in a clean and controllable fashion.

Deploy Screen

Compile configuration screen for compiling Tabby installer The Deploy Screen' is used to create ZIP and ISO Image files of your installer.

July 11, 2015 9:35