Tabby Install System

Example of a Tabby install screen

The Tabby Install program is an Eclipse based plugin to help create a installation package or installer program for the developers product. The Tabby Install plugin allows the developer to create his own installer panels and control just about every aspect of the user install process. This is not just for Eclipse plugins but any type of program that needs an installer program.

Once the developer designs his own panels (or use our pre-built panels) and adds his application(s) to the project, he can compile everything into a single windows executable. The windows executable is a standalone application containing the information to install the developer's application on a windows OS. The standalone application does not require Java or any other application to be installed first.

The powerful editor plugin to Eclipse IDE allows the developer to change and configure how the installation is performed. Giving full control of the install process to the developer unlike many other install package systems. The developer can also use a standard text editor instead of the Eclipse IDE plugin.

The plugin gives the developer total control over the install process and can also write pre and post install scripts in Java or Lua. The Tabby Install system is defined by a series of panels and the panels walk the installer through the complete install process. The developer can add security panels or registration key panels along with many other nice features. The developer can install optional packages based on a keys or encrypt the application to prevent pirating.

Tabby Editor for Eclipse x

Manage and create Packages using Tabby EditorThe Tabby Install system can be changed and modified with a text editor but this comes with a powerful plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

This plugin gives you complete control of the tabby configuration and in a nice GUI interface, which speeds up development of the install process.